Charlotte Brandhorst-Satzkorn • Hampshire, UK // Toronto, Canada

Personal Profile

I am a passionate and driven backend developer with an interest in dev-ops and security. In the past four years, I have survived a life threatening illness, left a PhD, gone on a journey of self discovery, and found the thing that drives me: software engineering. Learning to code has reawakened a lifelong passion for technology, learning and innovation I thought I had lost. My bootcamp experience has provided me with a foundation, and now I am searching for a role to grow as a developer. Leaning on the skills I acquired during my research, such as project and time management, allows me to be a valuable contributor to my team. I know what I want in the next four years, and I want to become a damn good software engineer.


Open Source Contribution#

  • Enhanced user experience by contributing changes which allows navigation to the latest version of the current package
  • Updated outdated documentation to reflect the current repository state
  • Added comprehensive tests to ensure quality of contribution and prevent regressions
  • Gained experience working with a large unfamiliar codebase
  • Upheld stringent contribution standards

Open Source Management System for GopherCon#

  • Written in Go and PostgreSQL
  • Contributed initial schemas and backend API designs for different areas of application
  • Deployed on Encore
  • Taking a central role in code reviews
  • Project is ongoing

Subscription Management Platform#

  • Subscrypt allows users to keep track of their subscriptions and be notified when renewal is due
  • Backend written in Go with PostgreSQL for data persistence
  • Frontend written in JavaScript with Bootstrap for styling
  • Integrated the Open Banking API via Plaid and sent .ics reminders via the SendGrid email API
  • Deployed on Heroku, with continuous integration via Github Actions
  • Responsible for data persistence, email reminders, testing, deployment and documentation
  • Subscrypt was built as a final engineering project at Makers Academy, and a short presentation of the project is available on YouTube.


Makers Academy Bootcamp (August 2020 - November 2020)#

Software Development Student#

  • Built applications in variety of languages, including Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, SQL (PostgreSQL, ActiveRecord) and Go
  • Extensively practiced TDD principles using RSpec, Jasmine and Capybara
  • Learnt and applied architectural patterns including MVC and DDD
  • Pair programmed extensively during design and development of applications
  • Provided code reviews focusing on OOP, DRY, SRP and RESTful API design
  • Deployed to, and interacted with, cloud platforms including AWS, GCP and Heroku
  • Integrated CI/CD workflows using Github Actions and Travis-CI on Github
  • Development driven by Agile project management principles using Github Projects and Miro

University of Southampton (2014 - 2019)#

PhD Candidate, NERC CDT in Oil and Gas#

Base and Heavy Metal Mobilisation during Hydraulic Fracturing of Black Shales

  • Exploring fluid-rock interactions and metal mobilisation to inform regulation and best practices for shale exploration onshore in the United Kingdom
  • Solely responsible for project management and direction
  • Designed and executed experimental procedures simulating hydraulic fracturing conditions in a laboratory setting
  • Presented research at internal and international conferences
  • Withdrew from the program prematurely in 2019 due to illness

University of Portsmouth (2011-2014)#

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Environmental Science (2:1)#

Acid Mine Drainage and Toxic Metal Contamination from Abandoned Mine Tailings in Adak, Northern Sweden

  • Researched scientific literature to find follow-up research opportunities
  • Evolved prior research methodologies to account for improvements in analytical technologies
  • Provided detailed written recommendations for site remediation strategies
  • Awarded Best Presentation 2014 for research findings and presentation


My personal interests include outdoor sports such as trail running, mountaineering, skiing and climbing. I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction books, watching movies, playing computer games, listening to music of all genres, and I have been a lifelong fan of motorsport. I continue to have a personal interest in global environmental issues and actively keep up-to-date on the latest science. I run a blog about my journey as a new developer.